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About Four Pillars

Four Pillars LARP was founded in 2013. Thanks to the help and support of a wonderful ref team and enthusiastic player base, the system began to run events in 2015, after becoming affiliated with the Royal Holloway LARP and Reenactment Society. Events ran from 2015-2017, with a hiatus in 2018, and events resuming in 2019, after parting from RHUL LARP. 

We currently aim to run two three day in person events a year, as well as an in person social event and various online socials on Gathertown.


Penwood Grange, Penwood, Newbury, Berks, RG20 9EW.

The above address will unfortunately bring you to the wrong entrance to the site.

Please enter the site through the back gate on Pound Lane.

This can be found on google maps at:

This can also be found using What3Words; the location is ‘clattered.picnic.narrate’


Please note that there are animals on site, primarily horses. Please do not feed animals anything at all as it can seriously harm them. Horses have a very sensitive digestive system and seemingly harmless foods can cause major damage and even death.


Our events are nut free. Please do not eat any food products containing nuts at events.


This event is entirely self catered. There is not a kitchen on site, but we will have places to set up camp stoves, and will leave breaks between encounters for lunch and dinner. There are several supermarkets in Newbury, which is a 10 minute drive from the site, as well as a service station (including a McDonalds) a 3 minute drive away, and a 35 minute walk.

About The World

Four Pillars is set in the land of Ásaterra, a once powerful empire now still reeling in the aftermath of a civil war that shook the nation to it's core. The warring factions formed an uneasy truce, and now rule the land together via an elected council after the war ended in the executions of the Royal Family.

There are four unique factions which each govern a region of Ásaterra. Each has their own differing opinions, which often draws them into conflict with the others. However, the looming threats of Treth to the east and Skovva to the south mean that, despite their differences, all of the factions must work together or risk the fall of Ásaterra.

As a testament to the unity of the factions, the Council created the Expeditionary Force; a unique unit comprised of members of each faction. A motley bunch from all walks of life, their duties rang from peace keeping to diplomacy; and now and then, more specialist missions.


Your character has been chosen to become part of this task force. Hailing from one of the four factions of Ásaterra, you will join this ragtag group of mages and warriors, rogues and merchants in keeping the peace: officially, at least. Your own faction may have their own motivations, after all...

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