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Games Team

The games team are the referees and organisers of the games, and deal with the plot and logistics of an event. They are there to answer any questions you may have and to help you with character creation and development. They may give you indications at points in the game which will help you get a better idea of the world around you, so make sure you listen to them carefully.

The Ref Team

Alessa (She/Her)
Head of System, Head of Story Team, Head of Games Organisation Team.

Alessa started LARPing in 2013, and quickly decided that she needed to make everyone she knew join her. She started writing Four Pillars in the same year and by 2015 had recruited a team of fellow nerds. She likes reading player backgrounds and deciding how to use this information to make plot for their characters.


Billy (He/Him)

Head of Devotion, Co-Head Crafting &Thaumaturgy, Story Team, Games Organisation Team.

Billy is an agent of chaos, who was lured into LARP in 2014. He enjoys making players laugh, and then laughing himself at the consequences of the players actions.

Oscar (They/Them)

Head of Downtime, Co-head Crafting & Thaumaturgy, Story Team.
Oscar has been LARPing since 2006, helped written various rule systems for Roleplay and LARPs, and helped ref multiple system. With a strong emphasis on character backgrounds and character driven plot, he enjoys writing things to help players achieve the best from their characters.


Stuart (He/Him)  - On Hiatus
Head of Combat, Story Team, Games Organisation Team, Downtime.

Stuart starting LARPing in 2014 after two years of Reenactment, and has not stopped since. He joined the Four Pillars ref team in 2015 and has been using every excuse to wear purple at LARP. He likes taking your political schemes and adding them to the web of consequences.

Games Support Team

Daniel (He/Him)

Combat Support

Formerly a member of an amateur re-enactment group and a lover of table-top roleplay, Daniel was lured into LARP by Alessa in 2014, from where he quickly fell in love with the hobby and helped to establish Four Pillars. Having spent time playing across a variety of LARP systems, his main enjoyment now comes from focusing on providing entertaining and engaging story for others and helping newcomers find their feet.


Kat (She/Her)

Story Team Support

This is a cry for help. As you were.

(Kat is a published writer who first played Four Pillars in 2017. After troubleshooting and proofreading for the refs in the background, we finally kidnapped her into Games Support, where she adds to the chaos).

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