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Four Pillars Rulebook: Rulebook 2.7.1

Crafting Booklet: Crafting and Magic 2.7


Character Creation


When creating a character, there are four main mechanical details to consider: Species, Class, Skills and Faction. These all contribute to the different things you can do in game as your character and who your allies are. However, it is also important to think about the kind of person your characters is and what their backstory contains; where they come from, who their family is, what their goals are. If you would like help thinking of a backstory, or writing your character into the world, you can contact our ref team via facebook or email, or ask our existing players on our facebook or discord group for help. You can find all the information pertaining to character creation in our rulebook, however, if you need a bit of help, we suggest you follow these steps as a guide.

Firstly, decide which species you wish to play. For those new to LARP, we recommend starting as a human or an elf, as these involve much less complex make-up or prosthetics. Your species will affect your lifespan and your specie bonus. Each species has something that they, specifically are good at. If you wish to play a vampire or beastkin, please contact the ref team as we may need to give you a specific briefing. See the Species page on our wiki for more details, or Chapter One of the Four Pillars rulebook.

2010 - present

2010 - present

Next, decide what your character’s class and skills are. There are six classes available for you to play, each with a specific bonus, and each affecting your starting armour class (light, medium, heavy, or extra-heavy). The classes are Artisan, Mage, Physician, Priest, Rogue, and Warrior. Each class offers you a choice of three primary skills, which all cost less for you to purchase and level up. You may also choose to purchase any of the other skills available in game; however, these count as secondary skills and cost more to purchase and level up. For a new starting build, we recommend choosing either all three of your primary skills; two of your primary skills and one secondary skill; or two of your primary skills, and levelling one of them up to Tier 2.  For more details on classes, see Chapter Two of the Four Pillars Rulebook.

Now, before deciding on your faction, take a moment to consider what your character’s backstory and ambitions are. Your character may come from any of the four Provinces of Ásaterra, or from any of the named foreign nations. However, if you come from one of the foreign nations, we ask that you speak to a ref when developing your backstory, as there may be extra elements to that land we need to brief you on, and we need to establish how you made your way to Ásaterra. You can find information on the Provinces and Foreign Nations on our wiki page; if you have any questions, please contact the ref team so we can help you out!

Finally, choose your faction! There are four factions in Ásaterra and you must belong to one of them to be part of the Expeditionary Force! You will have trained in your faction for an amount of time, which will give you another special skill related to that faction. If, for some reason, you change faction in game, you keep your original faction skill. Each faction has their own role in Ásaterra, however, whatever your class, there will be a way you can serve that role. You can join any faction; you are not limited by class or species, or by place of origin. Bare in mind, however, that there may be different reactions to you from each faction based on your class or place of origin; for example, the way mages are treated in the Legion is very different to how they are treated in the Circle.

Every event you attend, you will receive experience points (XP), which you can use to buy new skills for your character.

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