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Ásaterra was originally a monarchy, until just over a hundred years ago, at which point the king’s councillors led a rebellion. Overthrown and imprisoned, King Carlos II later died of ‘natural causes’ in his cell. The rest of his family, supposedly exiled, were in fact, disposed of in a similar fashion. The council then installed themselves as a democratic ruling force, and controlled the country for the next fifteen years. However, they began to fear the proficiency of magic users running wild in the country, as well as the large number of mercenaries and sellswords.  After the failure of the Sorcery Registration Act and the Military Conscription Decree, uprisings and protests dissolved into civil war. After years of futile bloodshed, a truce was reached and a compromise was made. The council split into two separate parties, whilst the mercenaries and the sorcerers each formed their own factions.

For more information on the factions, please see the Wiki or the World Anvil.

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The Legion of the Maor Dlí

Based in what used to be the royal heartlands of the North, the Legion of Maor Dlí is tasked with enforcing the laws of the land, passing judgement on lawbreakers and ensuring that peace is upheld. The Legion of Maor Dlí was once an integral part of the Royal Council, tasked with enforcing the law when others could not and acting as a strong arm for the Council’s will. Although these duties are now dealt with by multiple parties within the High Council, the Legion still has the power to ensure the laws of Ásaterra are enforced, arresting and punishing those who break them.

On the field, the Legion of Maor Dlí is often the armoured bulwark, defending those who may fall more easily whilst proudly displaying their colours and status to those around them. But not every action they take is at the end of a sword, for often a well-placed word can have ripples through the politics of the North.

The Guild of Croesus

The Guild of Croesus is based in the Western Province and their territory is mainly comprised of coast and farmlands. Although they control several thriving trading ports, the Guild’s stronghold is further inland, on the Island of Ishall in the centre of Lake Lak’aros; land seized years ago from the native Westerners or 'true Ishallian's. Although many native Westerners have joined the Guild, others view them with suspicion, or downright hostility, which has recently lead to rising tensions in the West. Whilst the youngest of the four factions, the Guild of Croesus is chiefly responsible for managing the High Council’s finances, thanks to their monopoly on trade and their influential connections. Though professional, they are prone to ruthless, perhaps unethical behaviour which sometimes leads to conflict between them and the other factions.


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Circle of the Arcane

The Circle of the Arcane is comprised of those who value learning above all else. Alchemists, healers, academics, sorcerers, and more besides have all grouped together in order to protect those who wish to study the many different arts, although their main focus is on acquiring knowledge.

Due to the persecution that magic users and scholars have faced over the last century, they are wary of the other factions. Although they may seem the most peaceful of the four, they have not forgotten the wrongs which were done to them, nor the texts which were burnt or lost, and as such when roused to fight they do so with a vengeful spirit that is terrible to behold. The Circle of the Arcane will do everything possible to regain any of the lost knowledge, for within such hallowed tomes they may yet find the secrets required to re- learn many of their long-forgotten powers - powers which are now needed more than ever for the prosperity of the land.



Warriors of the Dark Sun

The Warriors of the Dark Sun reside in the South. They are formally tasked with the defence of the land from both invasion and from threats from within, boasting intelligence networks both inside and out of Ásaterra. Originally many roaming bands of mercenaries and warriors oathsworn to the ancient Southern clans, they united against the Royal Council, forming an unconventional but elite fighting force. Named for the most prominent of these bands, the Children of the Dark Sun, this force, and the faction which it later founded, was named the Warriors of the Dark Sun.

Although there are many warriors and scouts within their ranks, Southern tradition holds the wisdom and knowledge of physicians, crafters, mages and above all, priests in high regard, meaning that many varying skillsets can be found within their ranks.



More information on the factions of Ásaterra can be found here on the Four Pillars Wikia.


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